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It’s a beautiful thing when you can make it to the “wise” old age of 36 and never spend a day working for anyone but yourself. That’s true freedom. In the early days, I bought and sold comic books to finance a year spent backpacking in Europe after high school, then built and sold gaming computers to pay for a college degree, which eventually became useful. After a few years of this and that, I discovered the wonderful world of consulting (via a little company called Earth One) and have never looked back.

It’s hard to live in Colorado — which I don’t any more by the way — without becoming something of an environmental evangelist. A single bike trip through Garden of the Gods my freshman year and I was hooked on doing whatever my modest abilities allowed to keep this planet from falling into further disrepair.
It’s also hard to live in Colorado and not become a cannabis evangelist, at least if you can get past the “stoner” stereotype and realize that the we’re talking about one of the most powerful and versatile healing agents in the galaxy, and it has nothing to do with ingesting the THC part of the plant that delivers any kind of high.

These days I park myself in a nifty little loft apartment in Seattle — view of the water of course — and help companies and government agencies figure out how to not be so darn destructive with their operations. Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve drifted into the freelance writing space in recent days. Typical topics include nutrition, cannabis, technology, and the environment (of course).

If there’s anything I can do to help you achieve your life’s mission, drop me a line and I’ll get back to you when I finish achieving whatever urgent mission I’m on (most likely acquiring sushi for dinner). Ciao! Hello and goodbye.  

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  • Environmental Technology Consultant at Earth One (you got me – that’s my company).
  • Cannabis evangelist.
  • Comic book procurer.



You can’t have everything. Where would you put it?

- Steven Wright

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